Dissecting Cats

I love the artsy-fastsy world. I dunno what the hell am doing in IT. If I were to compartmentalize, IT is professional, arts (writing, films, plays, photography, etc) is personal. It seems simple. Personal makes me alive. Professional makes me survive. Why can't I make personal my profession? Am not that good in it to turn it into a profession that earns as high. Apart from MWSS, IT i think pays the most. Now, can I make professional personal? it's like saying money can buy happiness. You get the drift.  Maybe I can like it, but not love it.

Now, something personal (read: emo). I want to watch Cats musical. I secretly planned to buy tickets for me & gf and then surprise her with it. Just the thought excites me already. Then gf, out of the blue told me that her friends invited her to Cats. That their whole barkada's planning to watch MY Cats! Did a brick just fell on my head? Twas definitely an OUCH moment :( Instantly, walls rose from my feet and my defense was on its all time high. Sarcasm became my lipstick and i muttered in stoic stance, "Okaaaay... I guess maghahanap na lang ako ng kasama kong manood ng Cats." Sabay sabi nya, "Gusto mo ba manood?!" acting surprised. Dammit! Ofcourse I do! It's lea Salonga for crying out loud! And it's mighty Cats! Aargh.

Apparently, subtlety isn't one of her strong points. Her barkada (who don't know me) must have sensed their competition, for they already bought their tickets the other day. Fuck! Fine! I will find me the hottest chick to bring to Cats. Huh!

Gf said that she can just watch it again to accompany me. But she's missing the point. I don't need a chaperone. What I want is to spend our firsts together. What I want is for us to watch it the same time and be silly discussing it after as if we weren't together when we watched it.

Am saving on memories that we can withdraw when we're all wrinkled and gray. Remembering, laughing of our adventures, dates till our joints ache with arthritis. Is that too much to ask?

Sooo, anyone wants to watch Cats with me? =)


Anonymous said...

hmmm tempting, but um.. i have no idea of cats lol :) anyway, i like to start my day readin ur entry... pwede na ko mag read ng somethin (not) personal. i also need to survive hehe -w1cked

Anonymous said...

watching cats with you would be like stealing from your firsts memory joint bank account hahaha.*wag mo ipost ito baka wala na sumama sa'yo* :D

Happy day!

- EphemeralBliss

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - Hehe. I like how you used (not) personal and survival. Hehe. And of course, I appreciate ang pagtambay mo dito. Sana magtambayan na tayo in person.

@EphemeralBliss - Actually, watching cats w/ me is just like having another memory bank acct for friends :) better than not having a memory of Cats other than the gripe of not seeing it. Soo, can I post ur comment? So I can post my quip. Hehe. *EphemeralBliss approved my posting her comment :)*

Anonymous said...

hmm tempting offer... san ang seat location? i love theater. gf and i actually planned of watching cats but, mahal mashado ang ticket and lea will just sing 2 songs..howell.. me cats dvd ako na boradway version... you want to borrow? as for the personal/professional thingy.. think of IT as a way for you to support your personal calling....twistedhalo

Anonymous said...

ay.. hindi pala ako qualfied to accompany you.. i'm not "hot" e... twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - asus! bawal ang insecure! am sure for your gf you're very hot! ;) if i won't be able to get tix by weekend, will rethink abt your dvd offer :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

if i were in manila or somewhere near manila, i'd definitely be up for it! hehe:) sineryoso, eh.

anyway, that's one of the reasons why i don't exactly like surprises. they usually backfire, eh. i feel you, though. *hugs!*

Anonymous said...

I want.. kaso neither am I hot nor am I a chick lol. :)) Kung dun sa dvd sakali, maghahanap ka rin ng ka-date? hehehe

Anyway, glad nothing bad happened to you re: your train accident. :)


Kim said...

as president of your fans' club, it's included in my job description to accompany you when ur date ditches you the last minute, go with you to gaybars, and have late night coffee with u at starbucks. well, i'll do the same things for you as your friend too.

Anonymous said...

cge cge tambay tayo soon.. yung walang pressure nor prejudices. kahit nakatsinelas lng tsaka pambahay... haha

nway, sa workplace... hot topic din yung cats. still i dunno what it is and my gf isn't into plays ayaw ng maraming tao..haha mga borderline anti-social yata kmeng dalwa e lol -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@odd_girl - what do I do? I love giving surprises :) and I hate it when my surprises are ruined. Hehe. Ohwell, part of life's complexities. I'll survive. Thanks for the offer. Hopefully I can hang out with you and your partner :)

@prolly-dont-know-me - hehe. Well-meaning friends in any form are welcome :) there's hotness in all of us for sure. So don't fret. :)

@Pres. Kim - antagal mong absent ha, kala ko nagresign ka na. Hehe. I wonder what you've been up to. Steer away
from big trouble ok? Will SMS you for any happening. :)

@w1cked - as long as you're social with gf, dedma na sa iba :) yep, no pressure tambay :)

Straight-ish said...

Final answer na? hindi mo kasama si GF manood ng CATS?! If not, Manood ka parin! You strike me as a theatre person pa naman.

firewomyn said...

@straight-ish -after careful thought, won't watch it anymore. will just save the money since am financially challenged these days. :)