Eiga Sai 2010! :)

Shiawase desu! (幸せです - I am happy)

FREE film festival of contemporary  and animated japanese films (with subtitles of course)! Yey!

Eiga Sai (which literally means ‘film festival) is an annual film festival that features contemporary and animated films to showcases the Japanese arts & culture. Goal is for Filipinos to understand and appreciate their unique culture.

it is ongoing in Shangri-La Plaza, to be shown next in Gaisano South City Mall, Davao, Ayala Center Cinema 4, Cebu, and last in UP Film Insitute. see schedule at the bottom.

just a tip, you know how free stuff works, the line and waiting can be long. so be there early to get tickets, buy food, then line up. eat, kwento, bring cards/board games to entertain yourselves while waiting in line. am sure you're creative enough to make the waiting fun :) 

Will watch next weekend. 'Hope to see you there!  =)

Complete EIGA SAI 2010 Screening Schedule - click here

The full Eiga Sai flyer (with synopses of the films)- click here

A Guide to Eiga Sai 2010 (themes, sequence, etc) - click here


Anonymous said...

uy, ok 'to ah... will try to watch, thanks


firewomyn said...

@pola - have fun! :)