anne-likely of her

saw  Anne's cross-dressing photo at G's blog. This is the concept they have for Supreme 3rd anniv (whatever that is). so to portray a butch (they said she's dressed as a man, but she's a woman, so i conclude they're attempting butch here), she has to frown, squint her eyes, hunch her back, and raise her shoulders. this ladies, is the look of a stereotype butch/lesbian in the eyes of straights. not fashion forward at all. for everyone's information, lesbians do smile. yes, even butches. we're gay after all!

might check the magazine for their explanation. maybe have myself some more horror shock at what else they made her do in the mag.

i love anne btw. and i want my anne back!



Anonymous said...

baket hindi bagay k anne maging butch, butch ba yung theme ng pictorials talga or drugged? lol hayy pwede naman mging maganda na butch ano.. good day firewomyn! -w1cked

_yle said...

those pics make me want to construct a sentence with the words "anne" and "hideous" in it.

pwede ding theme ng pictorial "famine" and "filth". face yan ng ginutom na butch. :))

my sister saw this and...
sis: sino yan?
me: anne curtis.
sis: hindi kaya.
me: siya.
sis: omg is she sick?


scout said...

she actually looks a bit like piolo in these shots.

Anonymous said...

bakit mukang pulubi??...twistedhalo and p.s. wala din ata kami tubig..kainis

Anonymous said...

Well I kinda like the photo na naka leather sya. She was made up to look like the stereotypical model slash hollywood butch.

Anonymous said...

natatawa ako dun sa "famine" hahahaha! nice one _yle :) -w1cked

G said...

unlikely nga of her. honga, will get a copy

scout said...

parang nakakaawa nga syang nagpapalimos dun sa cover. hello, collar bone!

Straight-ish said...

Never knew the day would come when I can finally say... MAS MAGANDA AKO KAY ANNE!

ops.. wagna kumontra minsan lang ;)

hiya!! musta?!! ano balita :)

Anonymous said...

i think, sa 2nd pic.para syang "tuyot" , yun ba concept ng photographer dito, it's so not "cool"

hi FW-notsobusy26

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - i think it's just poor execution on the stylist's end.

@_yle - the stylist and the gang achieved the impossible - make anne ugly. ugh. to think they made it the cover look. tsk. tsk.

@scout - they said they're trying johnny depp.

@twistedhalo - maybe to them rough equals beggarish

@borderlineunfriendly - i like that shot too :)

@G - got a copy already?

@Straight-ish - i would agree! :)

@notsobusy26 - maybe they were trying the rugged/rough look, but bec she's skinny, and the incorrect makeup, got amplified to tuyot. hehe.