imagination at work

Will be in a whole day work planning something today. Was hoping to catch some train crush for inspiration, but no luck. Tough. As I was walking to the hotel hallway, my inspiration struck me big time!

Some 4ft by 2.5ft in dimension (will post tonight) of a painting. I guess won't miss you ladies that much today. :) tee-hee! Later dearies! :)

i wanted to look closely/touch the painting on its erogenous point, but it might weird out my colleagues. already got curious stares when i took its pic.

i love the painting and would be apt in the bedroom. imagine seeing it every night at the foot of the bed, while spooning with your partner. a magnified symbol of womynhood, with delicate velvety folds and a shyly peeping female phallic symbol.

looking at it will really be inspiring at the same time enlightening.

i think there would be less disagreements if this is hanging in the house. for heated arguments would turn to heated fluid exchange settled with passion.

looking at it then will be relaxing at the same time energizing.

it would also be a good conversation piece for guests in dinner or parties. there would be layers of meaning, some artistic, some obscene. some may not totally get it, but will still feel unexplainable sensation at the sight of the painting.

thus looking at it will be exciting at the same time thought provoking.

soo, care to join me in stealing this painting? =)


Anonymous said...

i used to have a crush in hs and he's really good in painting, i started to appreciate art (paintings) bcoz of him. :) kung matutuloy ang plan, lemme know of the plan b.. baka pwede ako tumulong hehehe kiddin -w1cked

_yle said...

i'll help you steal it if i get to keep the upper half. shared custody is out of the question.

paula said...

cge, kasya sa bag ko yan... :)

Anonymous said...

don't steal.. i will make one for you... twistedhalo

Anonymous said...

that is assuming i get my certificate some time soon... ehehehe...twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - is that your ex? kidding :D tara, let's go back to the hotel, i'll show it to you :)

@_yle - if our heist will be successful, will give the painting to you, just give me visitation rights? :)

@Paula - wow! laki ng bag mo ha! hehe.

@twistedhalo - i don't need your cert, just give me one and i'll be happy with whatever you'll give :)

_yle said...

aww but i wanted this to be long and messy. i didn't think you'd yield so easily. :(

nevermind, it looks like everyone else was selfless and willing to help you get it.

firewomyn said...

@_yle - the painting is just a decoy. and i've always been impatient, so why belabor on the decoy?

Anonymous said...

hahaha nope! :p pero matutulungan tayo ni ex sa mga mafia networks niya lol! kiddin :) -w1cked

Purple said...

Hey Fire! Kumusta? I saw a microphoto of a baby bivalve, and I remember this post. Check this out, you'll love it.