tenfold happy :)

something quick to share before i pass out from exhaustion. my very own wonderland, gf that is, surprised me with tickets for john mayer's concert! yipee! =)

john mayer is a man who looks good with anything! be it haircut or outfit or whathaveyou.

but looked best (and out of the box) with a woman ;)
wtg ellen! look at that booty and the jiggle!

ellen was laughing. what could she have said to him?

1. "please stick to singing, and i'll stick to being gay."
2. "you know how i love you john. so i say this with affection, you suck at dancing."
3. "is that how jen likes it? geez, i can do better! *looks at the camera* jen, i hope you're watching."
4. "whatever you call what you are doing, please, just stop." *with ellen's usual poker face*
5. "there's a reason why god gave you the guitar."

for my wonderland :)


Anonymous said...

:) how's the concert? i love
waiting on the world to change, say, back to you, my stupid mouth ,
no such thing and your body is a wonderland. -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - twas fun! :)