Speed Meet Party - finally!

I once attended their speed dating. Gf and I just joined the cocktails, not really participate in the speed dating. This is the event where I saw foreigners, and dig this, Gaby de la Merced. I know am so broke, but i soo want to go to this party! C'mon ladies, this is not the usual exclusive parties with ledge dancers. From what I've seen last, they have good quality/mix of women here.

I hope someone adopts me for a night and treat me to this party. Hehe.

Time: Saturday at 8:00pm - Sunday at 12:00am
Location: Patio Rosas, Adarna Food and Culture,119 Kalayaan Ave.,Diliman, Philippines

Traffic Light is a party where women can meet other women to chat, dance or just to chill! Nothing personal against the boys here...it's really just a ladies' night type of thing. you don't even need to be *interested* in women to attend. that's what the red markers are for! =P (among other things)

Curious or just looking for a place where you can dance to good music is a good enough reason. So if you're on the guest list and k...now someone who might be interested in a different kind of ladies' night..then have them join us!

Traffic Lights are there to help guests-- singles, couples and groups safely navigate the party with confidence and ease.

When you enter, you'll be asked to pick a category:

Green- i'm here to meet new women!
- as they say - "single and ready to mingle!!!"

Yellow- i'm here to chill out but I can won't mind meeting new women.

Red- can mean:
1.i came with a date. :-)
2.i'm just here to enjoy the music, and DANCE.
3. I'm seeing someone (who, hopefully knows i'm here, so if not,
please don't tag me in any photos)

You will then be given a marker based on your choice so you would have an easier time approaching others or being approached. How much easier can that be?

And to keep things going, a Traffic Patrol will be on hand to keep the traffic on the right track... or if you are nice we might get naughty and put you in a jam! (or help you out of one ;-P) these Traffic Patrol enforcers will be on hand and properly identified to minimize confusion and uncomfortable silences.

There is no entrance or joining fee, just pay for the marker (which will be really cheap anyway) and whatever you choose to eat or drink.

You'll love to get caught in this TRAFFIC! Bring your friends for the ride!!!

It's all in the name of having fun and enjoying the ability to DANCE! because.. well... DANCING ROCKS!!!

When THIS Traffic Light Party light starts blinking...get ready for a wiiiiild ride!

or feel free to just find a good vantage point and enjoy the view. =)

We'll see you there!!!

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Straight-ish said...

hmm... interesting! are u a red or a green? :)

rz fortajada said...

I wish I could, but unfortunately I have to attend a PR congress this weekend. :| Mejo malayo 'yang event eh. :)

I've never been to speed dates, actually. :P Interesting. :)

firewomyn said...

@Straight-ish - i think red and yellow. hehe. punta tayo ha? :)

@rz fortajada - too bad. maybe next time. :)

Purple78 said...

Haler! Tara! I'm willing to adopt you. Hindi na 'to drawing lang, hehe. But wait, tama ba yung sinulat mo? Sunday at 12am?