Train Crush10

Do you know that I like reading? Reading you most specially. You're like Korean to me. I love Korean! Food that is, and the women too! :) now I think we're compatible. So much that I shiver with excitement. Which brings me to Shiver, the book you're staring at more than me. :( Am getting jealous. I looked it up and it had good reviews. They say its plot is similar to Twilight (which I never bothered to watch) and the similarity ends there. Shiver has better writing, greater character dimension and layers of sub-stories. Am glad you have good taste in books. Because I love reading and I love reading you. =)

Shiver cover:


scout said...

LOL, parang yung APG ko. In fairness, cute sya. :)

firewomyn said...

@scout - hehe. my crushes are all abt women i catch while am in transit, mostly train. how come i can't access your blog anymore?

Purple78 said...

Nasan na si long-legged cute lady you showed us last week? 'Di mo na sya crush? :-)