Gays and Oprah

dang! how could i have missed this one?

interesting insights:

"You gay guys are so lucky. you get to make love with someone different every night."

"Yeah, he is a shrink. I think he knows more about this stuff than us. He has a degree, we just have Oprah."

this is essentially a love story.


gail said...

I found a copy of this at my suking manong dibidi. Excited pa akong umuwi para panoodin. When I played it, "Adam and Eve: National Lampoon" pala ang bwisit hahaha I didn't bother checking it kasi suki naman nga. Hay!

firewomyn said...

@gail - that was fun-nee! hehe. hey girl, musta na kayo ni gf? :) miss na kita. :)

gail said...

we're doing great, thanks for asking :)