music is therapy


vintage clip


_yle said...

I <3 Lenka. My gf gave me a signed cd of hers as a Christmas gift last year. When she was here I found out too late and I was in the province. I coaxed my gf into seeing her live so she can get the cd signed. >:-)

It's hard for me to comment when you're gloomy. :( I'm more of a hug-you-tight-to-comfort-you type of person rather than a here-are-words-to-make-you-feel-better person. So here's a virtual hug while you cry your virtual tears.

Wait, that sounded dumb...

Anonymous said...

Music is surely a form of therapy! and, it's a friend as well. maasahan talaga, hindi man ma-i-solve our troubles pero it never fails to alleviate our moods or influence us to a certain mood kahit saglit lang.

nagbati na kami ulit ni gf (thank god!), pero nung hindi kami ok, i was with music! escpecially house music! i <3 u, music! :D

Cheers! xo.

- the anonymous

scout said...

thanks for introducing us to her. ganda nga ng songs. getting her full album now. :D

Anonymous said...

i heard this yesterday over the radio and i remembered you. -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@_yle - caring never sounded dumb, so thanks :) i just discovered lenka recently, at a time when i need it. soo karmic!

@the anonymous - am happy about you and your gf :) cheers to love! and music too! :)

@scout - i only have 1 song. do share the album! :)

@w1cked - cool!