desperation meets opportunity by the numbers

11 hours
20 hostages
1 desperate man
5 killed
3 letters - CNN

what drives a man to desperation?

nope, not a bus.
drugs? maybe.
had a bad trip.
it drove him out of his mind.
anger? maybe.
his temper flew.
which means it's really not a bus.
misery? can be.
it loves company.
got lonely and got him twenty.
he's driving no more.


Anonymous said...

grabe.. natutukan ko yung news. mas maganda sa tv5 compared to gma. puro gibberish talk si mike enriquez. yung tv5 meron pang time frame. hayyy sad news. disheartening talga :( -w1cked

Purple78 said...

Yep, malungkot ang araw na ito. Malungkot para sa Pilipinas, para sa mga turistang nais lang makita ang ganda ng Pilipinas pero nadamay, at sa pamilya ni Rolando Mendoza dahil kahit ano pa man ang ginawa niya, masakit pa rin ang mamatayan ng kaanak.

Anonymous said...

we have no tv where i'm at, so i didn't know the incident was ongoing until i logged on to twitter. i could feel the people's frustration reading their blow-by-blow accounts. haven't seen videos yet... bracing myself. :(

Fickle Cattle said...

I want to strangle the guy. Argh.