While watching tv with relatives, Aiza Seguerra appeared on the screen. I told myself, she's really talented. My guy cousin blurted out loud, "pag pumatol ka sa tomboy, matutuyot ka!".

My mind's auto-response was, "Tangina ka! Baka ikaw ang mukhang tuyot!!!". I looked at my family. no one contradicted him. I just sat there stunned, chewing chicharon that suddenly tasted like poison.

Honestly, that's what I believed then also when I was still straight & homophobic like them. Aah, the best cure to homophobia is to be a homo. Such an ironic twist of fate. Not that am complaining.

I told about the incident to my best lez pal (who's now overseas. Sob). Her comment was so simple I felt stupid & scared, "the more that you should come out. You're a living proof na hindi nakakatuyot ang mainlove sa tomboy.". waaah! Right on point! A smack on my head.

And in fairness, my gf is more blooming now after we became a couple. So her family & friends can't accuse me of making her tuyot.

I miss my best bud.

Note: san ba nanggaling yang baluktot na paniwalang nakakatuyot ang tomboy? Seriously, ganyan talaga ang paniwala ko noon. Probably because I don't know anything about tomboys/lesbians and napick-up ko na lang somewhere. Kaya takot na takot ako sa tomboy noon. Yan muna, saka na ang continuation at bababa na ko sa fx. TGIF na Payday pa! Sankapa! Gimik na!!! =)


Straight-ish said...

ok wait lang, let me call gf to ask kung tuyo na sya... :)
yeah, it's an urban legend!

Anonymous said...

when i was in hs, i used to b homophobic lalo na sa mga butch. pero cguro kaya ako ganun, in retrospect... kase i was doin the thought blocking mechanism bcoz my subconscious knows ive got tendencies i guess.. pero now, nde na. :) tsaka nung hs kala ko crush lng un and it ends there. i didnt know g2g is capable of havin sex hehe pauso lng... enjoy ur day. -w1cked

Anonymous said...

I heard of this too, a long time ago.

I think it came from the fact that we eat each other out with such joy, or that we can come or squirt with such abandon with a woman who knows her way around us (vice-versa). So, take a mental picture of that, if you are an ignorant homophobic bigot if you will, and what do you see? All heterosexual males who cannot make a woman come are probably all shrinking with jealousy.


That's how I think of it anyway. So far, no one has ever told me or have someone say such drivel within my hearing. I would love to have the chance to cut someone down the moment that garbage gets out of their mouth, though. :D

The reason I feel 'tuyot' (drought ba yan?) right now is because I am in an LDR (which I don't recommend, btw) and no one is doing her merry way with me.

Anonymous said...

ligawan ko kaya pinsan mo, hehe...
- inisacuznifire

mache said...

hi there! great writing here. as for the tuyot thing...well, most them who don't know anything about this kind of relationship will say almost anything. mostly stupid things. on this blog, it was the chicharon that got to me :) buti di ka nabulunan! :)

keep it up!

Anonymous said...

1st- i dont hate ur cousin for blurtin that aloud probably he lost his girl crush or gf over a lez.. :-P way to kick his butt! its guys nature to hate lez.. after all we are the competition ! eh?! whos with me ?? LOL

2nd- aiza? - enk!

3rd- tuyot as in physically? for me it struck out as "LOSYANG", ok heres the catch, its half true, id say whether a guy or lez if the relationship isnt healthy anymore, maLOSYANG talaga si girl. and going back to no.1 guys just like to trashmouth the competition kaya somebody came up with that statement bout lezzies. :-D

last- the TUYOT factor.. to start off... girls arent easily aroused like guys do.. but when they do, yep TUYOT ka talaga.. LOL


hi there FW!

Straight-ish said...

unicahija: very well said! I'm with you all the way! haha :D

Anonymous said...

in general, people can't imagine two women can have sex with each other & be so wet - that's the reality na they don't know. it's actually the opposite of what they know. a woman CAN be horny, aroused, turned-on, and actually be wet by another woman. i don't know kung na-express kong mabuti :) basta, they don't know the real stuff. judgemental lang. it wasn't based on their personal experience or reality.
- the anonymous

firewomyn said...

@Straight-ish - haha! i thought so too.

@w1cked - now you know! based on personal experience. hehe.

@borderlineunfriendly - i soo agree with you! :) about your drought, i know how it feels. been there, done that. and won't ever venture into such again.

@inisacuznifire - may asawa na sya :)

@mache - chicharon talaga ha? hehe. yeah. same with me then. i was soo ignorant about it, thus the fear of the unknown.

@unicahija - ang kulit ng comment mo, but you're so on point! :) ba't andami mong alam ha? ;)

@the anonymous - ok, the way you said it parang ako ang na-arouse. hehe. prolly inggit too and superiority complex also.

Anonymous said...

ive got a very good teacher kasi. giggles..
all the way talaga huh straight-ish? :-D


firewomyn said...

@unicahija - is your very good teacher also the one giving you butterflies ;) hope we can talk again. I need an update! Hehe.

Straight-ish said...

unicahija, yeah! esp the last point - funny but true lol!

Anonymous said...

hahaha tuyot...clearly your cousin has no freaking clue what goes on in our bedrooms :) You know who I am :p

rz fortajada said...

Tss. I feel the pain of a homophobic family.

I seriously don't know how I would tell them, and how I would make them understand that being lesbian is not evil.

(Of course, I'd never tell them about all the girl-to-girl sex--that's too awesome to disclose.)