face it

One beautiful morning when the sun was smiling, I woke up to a beautiful me facing me back on the mirror. I think my reflection even winked, an attempt to flirt with myself. Hehe. See even my reflection is such a tease. Anyhoo, as I was admiring the wonderful creation before me, stepping closer to put special attention to each lovely part, I noticed a part that shouldn’t be there. I stepped even closer to simulate magnification. There’s a seeming rash on my cheek near the teardrop channel, beside the nose. Ohwell,  imperfection makes us human.

Next beautiful day, I went about my morning ritual of self-admiration. The alien rash now more looks like a mole, only it’s reddish. Ohwell, must be my period, hormonal stuff and all. Nothing that makeup can’t cosmetically cover. 

Today, I woke up to find the alien thing on my face staring at me! It’s grown so fast you’d think it was fathered by Yao Ming! Ohmygod, did I just feed it with makeup and vanity?! It’s now so big it intimidates me.

It’s official. Dang! I have godzilla of a zit! I rarely have pimples so am utterly in panic. I used to chide gf not to touch her pimple whenever she develops one (which seldom happens). But there’s nothing I want to do now and in the next few hours of my used to be charming life than to poke it till it pops. Aargh! *fists clenched* Of course gf is ready to rescue me and happily (or should i say smugly) forbids me from going near it. Such role-reversal, I hate it!

It’s so big and yucky I can’t hide it anymore, unless I paint it black to disguise it as a big mole. Yep, it will just get infected and become worse. I know I shouldn’t have watched those creepy Emergency cases by Arnold Clavio on TV where a small innocent-looking mole turned turkey size, and created a cave to a man’s face after it was surgically removed. Fine! I’ll keep my hands off of it. Ohplease handcuff these disobedient hands! It’s driving me nuts.

I now wash my face very rigorously, more frequent than usual, used deep cleansing scrubs, in the hope that the skin will weaken, break and the gush will come out. But it won’t budge. Damn! I feel like pulling my hair out of my scalp from helplessness. Earlier, I accidentally scratched it and it was painful.  You’d think the zit will finally pop, but no! It’s so stubborn and tough I wonder if a gay butterfly will come out of it in a few days.  Yikes!

“Humor and exaggeration is my pair of pants  to survival. Feels nice, specially on a bad day.”  - firewomyn


Anonymous said...

hmm i also hate break-outs! like no matter how i use keratolytics minsan nagkaka-zit pa ren grrrr! -w1cked

Anonymous said...

sometimes if it is too stubborn i put a hydrocortisone cream just to ease the redness, swelling and pain. it is always nice to apply keratolytics regularly (adapalene/benzoyl peroxide).. my derma said, washing ur face often can leave it dry so you need to put on moisturizer after washin ur face with soap and water. pero meron talgang bad hair day na nde maiiwasan. kabanas lng. -parker

firewomyn said...

@w1cked & parker - thanks for the tips. Gusto ko ma mag-Sadako hairstyle just to hide this acne. As in! Mukha na syang pigsa! I fear it will leave a scar on my face forevah! Huhuhu! Isa lang naman sya, pero super laki at may pus. Kadiri. Tama ba na wag ko sya galawin, pabayaan ko lang hanggang matuyo? I use neutrogena deep clean cleansing scrub, toner & moisturizer. Ano pa dapat ko gawin? Gamitan ko na ng gamot?

Lakwatsera said...

Better to consult a derma, especially since the affected area is you face. =) I can refer you to my derma pero sa Market Market at Santre sa Jupiter, Makati ang clinic niya.

Anonymous said...

hmm the more na me pus sa loob lalong nag iinflame yan. better pop it out... pero dapat aseptic method he he or else baka ma infect lalo. lagot! hmm if di mo na talga kaya u may consult a derma. :) nde ka naman siguro scar former. yung keratolytics magaling un for break-outs. pinapa-ease din nya yung swelling and redness. gudnyt -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@Lakwatsera - thanks for the offer friend. appreciate it :) am financially challenged these days, till probably end of the year, so can't afford derma treatment. i'll just rely on my body's natural healing process :)

@w1cked - i have scars, accident-prone that i am, but not on the face. and speaking of accident prone, i accidentally scratched it when my face got itchy. and mygawd! was it painful! so now it's reddish minus the pus. ugh! hopefully the would closes soon. thanks for the tips! really helpful (if only i had the money. hehe)

Lakwatsera said...

I used to have small wounds on my legs 3 months ago, pinabayaan ko lang kasi yoko din magbayad sa derma. Pero lumaki ng lumaki until the doctors told me I have to get skin biopsy and undergo numerous tests. Ang kinalabasan? Anlaki ng ginastos ko. I wish I just went to the derma the first time I had it, P400 lang sana nagastos ko.

Ok, I am not trying to scare you friend (naks, friends na tayo!) just telling you my story.

firewomyn said...

@Lakwatsera - the pus is gone. and my zit's just red now. i think am gonna recover in a week's time. may need to apply anti-scarring cream of sorts. thanks for the beauty tips and the scare! haha.