I  love her so much that sometimes it makes me cry. There's nothing I want to do every single day than to hold her hand, caress her face, squeeze her and kiss her till this gigil in me subsides. This love, it's consuming me. Maybe that's why am into pda, because I just can't help  but express this love in me that's screaming to break free. My love is an exhibitionist. It needs expression, as in all out, big time showcase of scandalous affection.

Now that I’ve let that out of my chest, I think I can sleep.


Anonymous said...

oh i really like this post. ung i really know what you mean, and you have expressed it well. sana parang FB may thumbs up button hehehe, pero click ko dalawa :)

my gf would get kilig over this, if naisulat ko talaga ito for her. hehehe. no worries, di ko plagiarize :D

- the anonymous

mache said...

now, this post explains why my partner acts the way she does ;) although i can't mimic the gigil and pda, i do find it very sweet.

your gf is very lucky :) wishing you the best!

Anonymous said...

sana kasya sa pocket ko si gf... para when gigil calls...

firewomyn said...

@the anonymous - thank you! :) feel free to borrow. anything to make a girl happy :)

@mache - so me and your gf are alike? :) my gf is one damn lucky womyn indeed! hehehe

@pola - pagawa ka ng miniature nya ;) just a thought.