viral over Venus

if i were at home, i'll probably be hysterical too of Venus making it in the finals. =) But since i was at work, i did nothing except work, as i got glued on twitter/google updates of ms universe 2010. only for the love of our Venus Raj. at that moment i didn't care anymore if my bosses see me surfing non-work stuff. twas an intense time. and i was swelling with pride, so much that i got teary eyed. to my kababayan Venus, i love you! =)

and also, i love these guys!

to show that the question wasn't easy, here's an analysis. i also got stumped by a similar question (what's your weakness) in a job interview before. and it took great effort and self-assessment to realize the answer (which i did after the interview).

Diane Sawyer's report here


G said...

honest answer na lang sana like:
joining ms u nyehehe :)
pero keri na teh!

ang biggest mistake ko?
magkaroon ng mga xgf na psycho. major major!

Fickle Cattle said...

Hahaha. Panalo 'to.


Anonymous said...

was screaming at the top of my lungs everytime Miss Philippines is being called but the bekimons do it better :P


_yle said...

I know what her answer was but I haven't seen her actually utter the words. I clicked on the link you posted but for some reason even before Mr. Baldwin finished his question I HAD to close the browser. I'd imagine it's exactly like when Miriam Quiambao choked her answer out. Only instead of choking, Venus repeated a word.

So, what is your weakness? (You were expecting someone to ask because you mentioned you had an answer but I'm still half-expecting your response to be "Why do you ask?")

Straight-ish said...

LOL! Literally may sounds ang tawa ko while watching this! and looks like nag-update agad ng Twitter and FB shoutout ang mga boys ah :D Good Stuff!

Anonymous said...

still major major proud :-)

and for the boys,kulet! haha, nagconspire ata magsick leave just to watch miss U

-notsobusy 26