this is the prequel to the Sahod post. dearie friend was confused. i attempted to de-confuse her. hehe.

Df: guess what
Fw: what?
Df: it's getting a tad complicated na with this girl.the one i met at the party
Fw: so you didn't ditch her?
Fw: siguro nagsex na kasi kayo kaya complex na
Df: yeah we did
Fw: figures
Df: several times already
Fw: was it any good?
Df: of course. and i like sleep over almost everyday at her place. she has a gf
Fw: so dedma na to the gf?
Df: ewan sa kanya
Df: i dont wanna get into that
Fw: oh yeah,  just get into her undies. hehe.
Df: yes i did. we kiss, i guess it wasnt casual
Fw: so it's complex because you like her already?
Df: yeah
Fw: do i say good for you?
Df: go ahead
Fw: i dont want to. i dont think it's good for you.
Df: hahaha. i know. so bad.  so wrong. it's my first time to do something stupid like this. 
Fw: not that. i just think you can do better. if it were me, i wouldn't go for her. she's too ordinary for me. but then, you're not me
Df: she is. you know when we're in bed, and she's sleeping, i stare at her and think what do i like about her? i can't think of any. she's just like most of my friends. that's when i knew... damn! i really like her
Fw: do you like her minus the sex?
Df: ok lang. lust lang to ata
Fw: up to you to determine. from my end if you like her before the sex and after sex, it sorta means something
Df: i do like her
Fw: so no problem then
Df: i like her.
Fw: you like her, she does you too. she has gf. it doesn't stop you. so what's the problem?
Df: gf
Fw: so isa ka nang kerida
Df: technically yes
Fw: not technical, simply yes
Df : pero am putting a stop to it
Df: i'm not gonna be anyone's kabit
Fw: funny. you already are
Df: yeah. i hate it. to hell. so will stop na.
Fw: own up to your act
Df: i am. i'm not denying it naman
Fw: so why shudder?
Fw: that you're a mistress. a lovely one at that :)
Df: harr. there's no lovely aspect to being one
Fw: well, you are.
Df: it's time to just right the wrong
Fw: even if you like her? and the sex is good?
Df: yes
Fw: i think you'll have a hard time
Df: unless she decides to really break up na with her gf
Fw: she can always tell you she broke up with her gf. she lies to her gf and betrays her gf anyway. she can break up to that gf. and you become her gf. vicious cycle.
Df: at least malinis conscience ko. i'm a victim too you know. Lol.
Df: wait.. punta lang ako ladies room
Fw: ok. go to the mistress room

Df: hayyy
Fw: so you won't be sad, just think of the great sex you have with her. drown your guilt with that
Df: lol. baaddd
Fw: i dont get it. why are you sad?
Df: guilty
Fw: you followed what you want. you got what you want
Df: pero in the process, hurt someone else
Fw: the guilt never bothered you while you were between her legs. so now that you're not in between hers,  you think of the gf. Hmm… so maybe you  should bury your head in her gf's instead.Hehe.
Df : i got weak
Fw: i think it's natural. self first before others
Df: yes. Hayy.
Fw: matalino ba yang girl na yan?
Df: ok lang. BS of some school
Fw: I see. no comment
Df: sige lang
Fw: i don't know anything about that school, so can't comment
Df : yeah ako din hehehe
Df: she has a downelink account. check her out
Fw: i don't want to check her out. she's not that interesting to me . no offense meant to you.  Wait, lemme correct that - she's not interesting to me
Df: haha. fine
Fw: so still conflicted?
Df: yep. hayy. anyway, i'll stop having sex with her muna
Fw: no. if confused, go back to what you like with her. so if it's sex, go fuck her all you want . if you like her, then go!
Df: hahaha! may gf e.
Fw: so you're a kerida. so what? At least you're with the girl you like.
Df: ngark naman
Fw: masanay ka na sa term. until hindi sila break, you're that. gawin nating mas maganda, number 2?
Df: yuck!


_yle said...

yes, you make a good shrink.

Anonymous said...

gays confuse me. haha. - EphemeralBliss

Straight-ish said...

pwede makisali? :)

tell df (dear friend?) to ask herself: is it the person she likes or just the thrill of it?

it's a thin line.
but it might just put things in perspective.

Anonymous said...

it is often hard to make an objective decision when ur in a sticky situation...since most of the time our decisions are bein clouded by our emotions. and to have an honest friend who tells you on your bullshit is always a plus. gud day! -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@_yle - wow thank you. i once anted to take psychology as a second degree. but now am just a psycho minus the 'ology'. lol

@EphemeralBliss - gays, straights, myself - they confuse me too! haha.

@Straight-ish - surely! Df reads this blog, so am sure she got your piece of advise ;) latest (from the Sahod post), the girl broke up with her gf already and they're exclusively dating now. am still not happy abt it. haha.

@w1cked - so true! the intricacies of human relations! i like! =) so yeah, am the bullish friend who happily points out her BS. haha.

dearie friend said...

i'm very thankful i have fw. in the game show called lovelife, she's my "call a friend" line.


Anonymous said...

looks like it. -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@dearie friend - yeah, thankful, hindi naman sumusunod. hehe. mishu! hope all's well despite of :)

@w1cked - yeah, am a call girl. haha.

dearie friend said...

@firewomyn- nakikinig ako. para lang hindi. :)

I thought about that too. Way back. I thought long and hard. And I still do at times.

It started out just for the thrill of it. I was bored then, I guess. But like a plot of some sappy, romantic movie, yes, i've grown very fond of her. i've developed this new habit of making her happy.

Anonymous said...

dearie friend,

Hindi kaya you are just projecting to that girl the love/fondness you wanted to give yourself? just a thought.

Fire, ginawa na namen love notes ang blog mo hehe.

- EphemeralBliss

firewomyn said...

@EphemeralBliss - no biggie! :) it's actually good that you share your thoughts, would give dearie friend more perspective/options :) so thank you for doing that :)

dearie friend said...

I do things to people because I want to.

No expectations that they would be grateful and would do the same.

I do things just because I want to.

I'm an "I love you, but you don't have to love me back, just let me love you" kind.

I think I'm kinda selfish that way.

I'm such a nut job. Especially between 2am amd 8am.