Survival Guide to Exclusive Parties

So you want to party? Here are some tips.

1. Be supermodel fashionably late.
Venue gets packed 12mn onwards. What can I say, everybody's getting dolled up as Cinderella. =) If you wana get seats, come in a tad earlier or have friends to save you a seat.

2. Wear the sexiest outfit - your attitude!
The venue is dark, the people are drunk, so you can get away with any outfit.

3. Plus one.
Go with at least one companion One who's open minded and fun to be with (not necessarily gay).

4. Eat before you party
Eat dinner elsewhere  where food is better and cheaper. Food and drinks are overpriced at the venue.  So  just have some drinks and loads of fun at the party.

5. Watch out for trigger-happy-cam-slinging-people.
Nope, they're not paparazzi, they're just careless and mindless to closet/discreet gays. Don't  be a victim.

6. If you're not out, take cover.
Wear a mask, heavy makeup, a wig. If you don't have those, improvise! Place your long hair on your face, disguise as Sadako. Hehe. Be discreet, careful and still have fun. Toughie? Kaya mo yan! ;)

7. In case of bladder emergency, use the male restroom.
It's okay, all the people at the party are women, err except for the waiters.

8. If you like anybody in the crowd, stare at her and ESP her to look back.
I know it's dark there, but you'll be amazed at how laser sharp your eyes can get once you spot a looker. When she does look back, smile! Squint your eyes a bit and then drink your beer without taking your stare away from her. You can also puff while staring at her. The booze and the ciggies are for angas effect. Hehe.

9. Dance like you're a good dancer
Booze, euphoria, adrenaline, laser lights combined and you'll be convinced you're born to dance. Apply that same effect to all the women on the dance floor and what do you have? Crazy, wild dancing! Really,  nobody cares how you move on the dance floor unless you go to the ledge or pole.

10. Oh, remember the girl you stared at #8 who also stared back?
Approach her later at the dance floor pag nagkakagulo na ang lahat sa mga hired ledge dancers. Hehe.


Anonymous said...

I like no. 8. I like it a lot! It's so definitely angas in a good way. Magamit nga soon hehe :)


K said...


Straight-ish said...

Wow! Spoken like a Pro! Looks like you're good at this :)

I was a bit shock at no 5. Talaga!! Sabagay it's all about the techy celfons now. so they might as well make good use of it.

at kung may no3 ako, I'll go to an exclu party like this :) Good Times!

Kim said...

punta ka ba dude?

firewomyn said...

@prolly - hehe. Punta ka sa party this Sat?

@K - why? What's wrong?

@Straight-ish - sama mo si gf! :) let's go to a party when you're here. There's am exclusive party every month :) and am not a pro, just got 'em from observations ;)

@Kim - dude? Lemme check, yep, no penis. Not a dude. Hehe. Not sure abt Sat yet. Will know tom. You?

Anonymous said...

Dahil I won't be able to go to that exclusive this coming weekend. :(

(Dahil nasa probinsya ako at wala nang P499/one way na tiket sa Cebu Pacific, at hindi dahil sa mga tips mo. I probably can wing it kahit mag-isa lang akong pumunta.)

Anonymous said...

re:tip # 6, pag kasama si fire, no worries, she'll fix asap..

so fw need paba namaing magdala nina p1nay ng mask? hehe, o sureness na na sama na kayo ni SO mo? :) tc -notso

Purple78 said...

A friend who just broke up with his bf wanted to go to Malate tonight - ako sa Crobar, sya sa kalapit na bar. Eh I really don't like the idea of going there alone (I agree with your #3 tip), ergo I'll just wait for the chance na makisabit sa lakad niyo FW. =)

firewomyn said...

@borderlineunfriendly - don't worry. plenty of time :) exclu happens every month :)

@notso - asus! let us not go to that freak out sitn again puhlease! :D

@Purple78 - tonight, now na! :)

Purple78 said...

Let's schedule a lunch meet up instead. Pag lunch sigurado gising pa ko, hehe. I'm ok for a meet up in Makati. Tara, mga on-line friendships! Treat ni FW! Hehe.

Straight-ish said...

wow! lunchout at makati and fw is treating?! inggit akooo! :)

firewomyn said...

@Purple78 - natuloy din sa wakas! :)

@Straight-ish - just to set the record straight straight-ish, it's not my treat. hehe. remember, am broke? ;) see you when you're here!