Exclusive Party - Beso

Ok. Para sa mga walang kadala-dala! At sa mga excited ma-try. Hehe. Exclusive party actually happens every month. They're the only organizers left standing when it comes to exclusive parties. I do miss Purple Planet's though.

I don't understand why parties like this one often have hired straight ledge dancers. It seems like what you'll see in guy clubs. Do the organizers think that the g2g (girl to girl) party goers would go to the party because of the dancers, same with the guys?

I personally don't enjoy those dancers that much. They strut like it's an 8-5 job that needs completing. The party goers who join the ledge turns out better because they gyrate with tease and they have fun.

Women just want a venue where we can freely be our gay selves without being ogled at. Although, we can use some entertainment I guess. Ok, maybe just get better, lez/bi dancers/singers. Think Mocha Uson! *salivating at the thought & imagery*

Purple Planet's exclusive parties before had L Word screenings (teaser of an upcoming season), cool/hot girl bands. The crowd is smaller and from my opinion, prettier/sexier/more interesting.

Earth to Purple Planet!!! Earth to Purple Planet!!!  Please land on earth again, specifically Manila and drive us nuts and wanting (more) of your fab partehs again! I miss you guys :(


Anonymous said...

cge, will wait for your kwento for this... hehe enjoy sa exclu! :p -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - there's a high chance that i won't attend this par-teh. so might not be able to kwento. let's see :)

Anonymous said...

if ur into mocha, you check her on cleavage night. it's an event for a cause supporting her mom survivin breast ca... :) -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - when, what, where, how much is Cleavage Night?

Anonymous said...

i'l check it again... i only got to see the tickets. cge cge babalitaan kta :) -w1cked

Anonymous said...

VIP donor 1k. aug 17 @metrowalk .. other rates, will have to ask pa. :) -w1cked